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I wanted to use a skill that I have gained over the last 4-5 years for my senior project. That skill is photography. What got me started wanting to pick up a camera and take pictures that you can later turn into photos is seeing some of my close friends post on their Instagram pages showing their photography. They were awesome! I thought to myself; I want to express my love for what God has created for us and develop a talent that I didn’t know I had until after I grew a love and respect for it. I took three different photography classes when I was going to a community college back home in Washington State, where I could put my photography skills to the test. 

Before I started my project, the most challenging part was debating where I wanted to go to take pictures that people could enjoy and see in a similar way I see things. I know I wanted to stay close to Rexburg when taking these pictures. What I started with was looking up the different towns and places people tend to go to BYU-I for school. As I looked up the various cities and areas to take pictures of, I could map out what dates and times I wanted to take photos at the 3-5 other places I had chosen to go to get the best lighting possible. Also, I thought to myself, What more could I do besides just posting some of the pictures I take and putting them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter? 

After thinking about that question of, what more could I do, I had the idea of putting my photographs on t-shirts, on various other products, and selling them as individual prints for people interested in and like photography. After I had this idea, I was able to sign up for a creative website called that allows you to sell your art on various products and or just as a photographic print. After I put the pictures I had taken and edited on my store, I could use some of the previous photos I have taken throughout the years, so I wasn’t limited to just the images I took around the Rexburg surrounding areas. 

The two cameras I used for this project are a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) Nikon D3400 and a 35mm Single-lens reflex (SLR) Pentax K1000 camera with various lenses.  

I have promoted taking the photos, editing them, and posting some of them on my Instagram accounts, especially my photography account, to get my Redbubble store out there for people to purchase any product or a single photography print if interested. Thus far, I have only been able to sell one t-shirt. But, that is okay because this is just the beginning of something that could be so much bigger in the future as I continue to keep up with photography wherever I am.