Paola Cruz – PJC Carpets Reimaging

For my project, I created an online presence for a company called PJC Carpets. PJC Carpets is a company that started out as a carpet and flooring installation company. They are currently reimaging themselves as an interior design and remodeling company. Earlier this year, I created a PR Plan for them, and one of the strategies was to create an online presence. For my senior project, I brought that strategy to life.

I created and designed a web page for them and created several social media accounts for them, including Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. After data analyzation, we decided that the two latter ones were not as efficient. We closed them down and put all our energy into pushing the web page and the Facebook page. I designed several ads for them, and one even got approved and published on their page. I also designed and created several business card examples until one got approved.

I measured the success of the page and social media efforts by comparing data derived from Google Analytics to show how many visits the page got per day. The most efficient marker of success we had was the number of customers PJC Carpets got from mid-September to November that weren’t friends or family. In total there were 18 new customers.

Here is a video of the web page we created and some of examples of our project to build PJC Carpets an online presence.