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Maryna Voievodina

JulsBerry Jams Website

Emphasis: Digital And Social Media

The ecommerce marker in Ukraine is growing rapidly. For the past year the percentage of those who shop online got a 10% increase, and the overall profit growth of online retailers Ukraine grew 69 percent, according to the report by Payoneer. Within the last year the social media users increased by 16% as reported by

With this growth we can see the success the ecommerce has in Ukraine. 

My senior project is focused on growing e-commerce presence of the small business JulsBerryJams. My client has been optimizing a social media introducing her brand and driving sales. As her brand continues to grow so does the need for e-commerce platform for the business. 

Taking into consideration the client’s biggest goals – to grow sales and generate leads, the senior project is focused around:

  • Building a client’s website
  • Creating an interactive content
  • Optimizing website through SEO
  • Setting up a check out function to create a personal customer experience

It took me 55 hours to complete the project.

At the end of the project, I was able to:

  • create in-depth marketing plan
  • research current social media trends and create compatible content
  • create 2 videos
  • post 2 blog posts
  • create and develop brand website
  • set up an e-commerce on the website 
  • set up analytics and provide evaluation for the content performance

This project will help my client to have the e-commerce foundation to optimize sales and make her produce available to different target audience. 

During the project I learned how to manage the time as I work, I was also able to get more experience in creating a content to fit into an existing brand. I got more experience with planning for videos and editing them.