Chrissy Rutledge – Wandaful Adventures

Hello everyone I’m Chrissy Rutledge and I’m currently a Communications major with an emphasis in Digital and Social Media Marketing.

A few months back my husband and I bought a vanagon. This vanagon did not come with the bells and whistles, it was a puzzle that needed to be put back together. When we started putting Wanda, (our vw vanagon) back together I was constantly on social media platforms trying to find vanagon restoration. Vans would pop up but nothing that was completely satisfying my needs, thus wanda.wagen was created. Being a digital marketing major, I wanted to be a page for those that could follow along in our restoration journey and see what we have done so that they could gain insights and inspiration while trying to renovate a vintage vehicle, and that is exactly what we have done. I decided to focus on being primarily on instagram and creating reel and posts that would both educate and engage our audience. Every time we are out working on Wanda I am gathering content for our users so that they feel like they are on the same journey as us. If you would like to follow us along on our wandaful adventures you can find our instagram at wanda.wagen.