Cali Jackson – Where your roots take you

Cali Jackson


For my project, I decided to investigate how different types of cities shape people. I found a large data set from the Pew Research Center which conducted multiple surveys around the country with questions such as, “would you ever want to move out of your hometown if given the chance?” or “how attached are you to your type of city?”. I decided to take these questions and ask a wide range of BYU-I students the same questions. It was surprising to see where students differed from the national average and where they were similar. I split my data into three main sections: Urban, Suburban and Rural.


To visualize my data I created a map, graph poster and brochure.

Map: I gathered a map of the United States to showcase my BYU-Idaho data. On the map I showed the clusters of where most BYU-Idaho students are from. Not surprising were the students from Idaho and Utah, but there were also a lot from the states of North Carolina and Virginia.

Graph Poster: I created a series of graphs to compare my data of BYU-Idaho students to the national statistics. Some of these graphs show the trend line of different types of cities as well as people’s attachment to their hometowns.

Brochure: After analyzing my data I created a brochure to explain my project and the main points of what I learned.