Kara Hurley- LinkedIn Portraits

Visual Communications

Project Summary

For my senior project I decided to put together my love for photography and social media. Portrait photography is my favorite, so I decided to utilize that in social media profile pictures.

I took pictures of thirteen different people and highlighted what they do as a profession. These environmental portraits help others better understand what these people do for a living and what they are all about. My goal was for someone to look at the image and be able to tell what they do. I started with making a list of those who I could contact and thought of ideas on how I could capture their profession. I contacted each individual and luckily, they were all interested.

I worked with the client’s schedule and scheduled a time where I could meet them to do the shoot. This part was a bit challenging because we had to find a time, we were both free. However, once a time was scheduled, we were ready to go. I asked each person to wear a certain thing or bring certain props so I could capture their profession well. I even got to go to the workplace of some of my clients.

I was able to capture a teacher, secretary, counselor, a dog mom, a missionary, nursing student, and more. Each profession was unique, and each told a different story which is what I love about photography. After each shoot I took time to go through and find the best photos. These photos I then edited in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. I also cropped them to the LinkedIn profile dimensions so these people could use them as their profile image.

I then put together a website to showcase my work. This website not only showcases my senior project, but also my past projects. On the website, you can learn more about me and the projects I did. You can also see my past work and client albums. Below is the link to my website to see for yourself! You can also click on the Senior Project button and it will take you right to it on my website.

These pictures I took tell a story. You can look at them and clearly tell what the person enjoys doing. That is why I love photography and chose to do this for my project.