Jessica Crosby – Social Media Manger for Amigoes

Jessica Crosby | Strategic Organizational Communication

For my project, I have researched, created, and posted content to Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook about a soon to be created app “Amigoes”.

At the beginning of the project, I set aside 3 hours to research and come up with my marketing plan. I laid out exactly what ideas were going to be used over a 4-week time period, posting 5 days a week.

Every other day, I created Tiktok videos and Instagram Reels to post to those two platforms as well as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. These videos contained information about the app, entertaining content to create engagement, and “How to” videos on using the app. For the opposite days, I created static posts that, in the description, explained cool features and information regarding Amigoes. To continue keeping and growing engagement, I also posted to the Amigoes Instagram story. These stories contained videos such as behind the scenes, question and answer, and polls.

To create the Tiktok videos and reels, I set aside about 2-3 hours each day. During this time, I researched the ideas I came up with to make sure they were the best videos for our marketing strategy. If not, I would brainstorm new ideas by talking with my coworkers or spending time on Tiktok and Instagram looking for good business videos. Once I had my idea in place, I would spend about 45 minutes to an hour to create the video content. Then, depending on the video being created, I would take another 15- 45 minutes to edit the video how I wanted it. When creating the static pictures, I would set aside 45 minutes to an hour each day to design the layout of the photo

Once the content was created, I then would spend 10-15 minutes writing out the description and caption of the post as well as researching hashtags. This included finding 15-20 that weren’t too popular, but still related to our content. 

Once I finished creating and posting the content, I would then spend 30-45 minutes following people, commenting on like-business profiles, and listening to marketing audiobooks.