Kennedy Kuang- ChatwKennedy Podcast

Kennedy Kuang, Digital and Social Media, Winter 2022 Senior Showcase

Project Summary

Chatwkennedy is a podcast on Spotify that I created for my senior project. This is a weekly updated podcast that covers three topics which are self-love, relationship, and career. This is an interview-style podcast where I looked for people who have experiences in the topics that I planned to share, and each episode usually lasts about 10 to 20 minutes.

Coming up with podcast topics, looking for people to interview, and using equipment to record them was not easy. Each of the episodes took a while to complete, but I was well used 50 hours throughout the semester for a total of 9 episodes. The Anchor app is the app I use to record and edit podcasts, then those episodes are being published on Spotify. Up to this point, Anchor shows that there have been 200 plays so far for all of the episodes I posted which wasn’t as many as my original goal but I am grateful for what has been accomplished. Moreover, I created a website and social media account for chatwkennedy. Even though this wasn’t part of my project, I was able to advertise my podcast through these media.

With this project, I was able to improve the skill of communication, learn many perspectives and thoughts from people who I interviewed and the things I have researched. In addition, creating an Instagram account and a website increased my knowledge of how to best advertise for a podcast. As a result, doing chatwkennedy for my senior project not only increased my communication skill, but also the skill of marketing on social media.

I am grateful for this experience and it has become one of my passions.


My Work:

There are 9 episodes I created for this project. You can click on the link above to listen to all of them!