Mikayla DeMaio- Child and Family Wellbeing Community Conversation

Strategic Organizational Communication Project Summary: I will be organizing a community conversation in Rigby, Idaho in future partnership with Upper Valley Child Advocacy and the school district. The date of this community conversation is to be determined; however, I believe that this event is important for the community of Rigby and so I will beContinue reading “Mikayla DeMaio- Child and Family Wellbeing Community Conversation”

Venture Creative Studios | Lead Generation Campaign

Purpose This project was in response to a task given to me by my supervisor to explore new ways to gain clients for our creative agency. Previous attempts to acquire clients through advertising were lackluster. This project did not have the expected outcome that the initial report projected but gave insight into how the worldContinue reading “Venture Creative Studios | Lead Generation Campaign”

@byuidaho_basics: An Informational Page for Incoming Freshman

Purpose The purpose was for me to learn more marketable skills in the social media and design department, but also to work on my organizational and presentational skills. It was meant to be a learning experience for me.  Objectives  The point of the social media page was to collect and present pertinent information to theContinue reading “@byuidaho_basics: An Informational Page for Incoming Freshman”

Zach Glancy- A Melody to Life

Video Production This project is a documentary through my grandpa’s life and his accomplishments as he builds his own company in Southern California and even co-producing music for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, now known as the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square. It includes photos and videos throughout his career and family life and interview clipsContinue reading “Zach Glancy- A Melody to Life”

Kelli Ferre Marchant – Boho Days

Project Summary “Boho Days” is a magazine that I created completely from scratch. This magazine is a single issue that is targeted toward women of all ages who love to craft and decorate their homes on a budget. It is packed with DIY(Do It Yourself) tutorials, home decorating inspiration, and personal stories and insights fromContinue reading “Kelli Ferre Marchant – Boho Days”

Colin Dupuis-Organizational Building Block Podcast

Project Summery For my senior project, I decided to create a podcast that takes a deep dive into organizational structure. There are many ways one could approach this project, so when it came time to pick my topics, ultimately I decided to cover the topics of Leadership, Group Dynamics, Conflict Management and Culture. I choseContinue reading “Colin Dupuis-Organizational Building Block Podcast”

Rimi Kimura – Diversity Without Exclusion

Hi, my name is Rimi and I created a website about diversity awareness here at BYUI. As a person of color and someone from out of state, I wanted to share stories of other students from similar backgrounds and their experience here at BYUI. One thing that I was looking forward to in college wasContinue reading “Rimi Kimura – Diversity Without Exclusion”

Laurel Albrecht – Let’s Play Music

Let’s Play Music is a music education curriculum that has lessons and programs for ages 0-12 nationwide.  With the help of their skillful teachers across the United States, they don’t just teach piano but help develop sight-reading, harmony, melody, and rhythm skills to all students.  The curriculum helps all students absorb music concepts and teaches skills throughContinue reading “Laurel Albrecht – Let’s Play Music”

Isaac Briggs – This is Superlame: Website Build and Instagram Managing

WEBSITE INSTAGRAM Superlame is a clothing store /music venue here in Rexburg, Idaho, run by brothers Ernie and Ethan Lozano. The Lozano’s desired to expand their online presence in the ways of E-Commerce, Blog Posting and Social Media. Together, we decided to launch a website, consisting of an online shop, a blog and a localContinue reading “Isaac Briggs – This is Superlame: Website Build and Instagram Managing”

Lily Crandall- Femheal, brand

For my Senior Project, I created a brand about female iron health. The brand is called Femheal. I ran my project on two major platforms, a personal website/blog and Instagram. I wanted to create a community of likeminded individuals who wanted to educate themselves and others. A place where people could learn as well asContinue reading “Lily Crandall- Femheal, brand”