Madison Mioduski- Look for the Light Editing

Madison Mioduski, Video Production, Winter 2022 Senior Showcase

Project Summary:

For my senior project, I edited three wedding videos in all different editing programs: Adobe Premiere, Davinci Resolve, and Avid Media Composer. The wedding footage came from the company Look for the Light Photo and Video, which is currently based in Knoxville,Tennessee. Two of the videos were shot by Celine, the company owner, and the other one by me. With each video, I organized, edited, color graded, and found music to play in the background. 

Video editing requires many different skills to learn. Each of the softwares used for my project are widely-used in the industry. I’ve worked with Adobe Premiere and Davinci Resolve a few times, but never Avid. Avid required me to seek out professional help and research the program. With this project, my knowledge of all three programs has grown exponentially. I also learned how to make and use graphic overlays on the software After Effects. I hope to showcase this new skill to the companies I apply to after I graduate. 


My Videos:

Premiere Pro

Out of the three editing softwares, I’ve worked with Premiere Pro the most (approximately a year). Although I’ve used this program, I still learned new tools to the software and became more familiar with it. Now, I’ve added a new piece to my portfolio with Premiere and I’ve gained a stronger knowledge of it.

DaVinci Resolve

I started using DaVinci Resolve last semester and loved it. The coloring aspect of the program is easily my favorite part. More and more companies are starting to switch to using DaVinci, and I figured it would do me well to learn more of its components outside of a classroom setting. I would love to learn how to use the Fusion portion to the program, but I have not learned it yet. I will continue to learn and work with using the DaVinci program.


I have never used Avid before working on this project. I struggled learning the software and had to seek out help in order to use it. I’m not a fan of the program, but I will continue to learn more about it because so many professional video companies want you to use this software specifically to edit their videos. I now have a basic knowledge of Avid, but I still need to learn more. I will continue working with and researching the program so that I can feel more confident in using it.

Time Spent: 68 hours

The majority of my time was spent editing.