Danielle Davis – Sweetcookiesforyou – Social Media Campaign

Danielle Davis, Digital and Social Media, Winter 2022 Senior Showcase

Project Summary:

For my senior project, I created a website, an Instagram, and a Pinterest for baking cookies. Baking has been a passion of mine for many years, and I have always wanted to create a business with this passion. As I graduate this year, I thought baking would be a great idea for a side business. For my senior project, I started a baking page using design skills and pictures of my own.

For my project, I have determined a solid target audience that would look at my media platforms. After I chose my target audience, I chose a catchy Instagram name, a logo, and a color scheme. I created a bio and designed posts on my platforms to catch my audience’s attention.

Creating a website helped me get started and draw attention to my page. The purpose of a website is to put all of my baking on the page, and eventually be able to start selling my cookies after I graduate. My Pinterest board helped draw my audience to my baking. I also linked my website to each of my posts on Pinterest.

One big goal of mine was to create a lasting audience. Throughout the semester, I baked and took photos of what I was baking. I worked towards being consistent with my posting and my color scheme. I wanted to bake my favorite recipes and bake things for others to enjoy. Throughout my 50 hours, I  baked each week, took photos, created posts on my three platforms. I worked on creating a following for my page and created a flyer.  The main goal of my project is to start a following, and post on my platforms. 

Overall, I felt success as I completed my 50 hours and worked diligently on my project. I learned how to create social media platforms, create a logo, and create a color scheme. I also learned how to create a target audience and start running a website. Running a social media account has helped me develop skills that I can take with me after I graduate. I will continue running my baking account and continue my business.

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