Nick Wozniak – Nick Digital Brand Strategy, Identity & Web Design.

Project Summary

The intent of my project is to design a visual identity, brand strategy and web design for my personal digital marketing studio that I plan to launch upon graduation. The goal is to have all the groundwork completed so that I can start acquiring clients immediately after graduation. The three components of this project position me to be a competitive option for businesses. The brand strategy helps me to know who my ideal client is, how to talk to them, and what they value. The visual identity allows me to build recognition for my brand and create content that resonates visually with my ideal client. The website’s goal is to create a brand experience just for my customers that will encourage them to schedule a call with me to help them with their business.


Brand Strategy: Primary Audience, Secondary Audience, Messaging, Tone & Voice, Values and Value Proposition.

Visual Identity: Logo, Typography and Colors.

Website Design: Wireframe, User Journey, Copywriting, UI.