Kailey Scharmann – Meet Me in My Makeup Chair

Kailey Scharmann

Advertising Emphasis

Although my emphasis is Advertising, I have become very passionate about Broadcast Journalism and want to go into that field. For that reason, I wanted to create a project that would showcase my skills in Broadcast Journalism.

Project Summary

For my project, I wanted to combine my passion for makeup and video journalism to share people’s stories in a creative way. I put together a mini interview series called Meet Me in My Makeup Chair.

I sat down with four girls and interviewed them while doing their makeup. I set up a studio with three different camera angles and 2 different microphones to ensure I was getting the best content for editing. I think doing their makeup added an element of comfortability because it allowed them to easily open up and share their story with me. After filming their interview, I spent time editing together the most impactful story they shared with me during their time in my makeup chair. Taking an almost 2 hour video and condensing it to a 3-5 minute video was very challenging, but I am very happy with the progress I was able to make throughout the journey and improve my video, interviewing, and editing skills.


Meet Me in My Makeup Chair – Episode 1

Meet Me in My Makeup Chair – Episode 2

Meet Me in My Makeup Chair – Episode 3

Meet Me in My Makeup Chair – Episode 4

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