Saydi Harris – Play is a Child’s Work


Saydi Harris – Strategic Organizational Communication

I have had the opportunity to work with a non-profit preschool out of Great Falls, Montana for the last few months. I have been working as a social media specialist with target goals to increase engagement and consistency.

I posted 40 times over the course of nine weeks across Facebook and Instagram – with more of an emphasis on Facebook. I tracked the analytics across both platforms.

Weeks where followers were encouraged to share, comment or tag friends I saw a lot more engagement across both platforms. Videos/Reels did extremely well.

To see full analytics report, click here.

With what I learned, I moved forward with a plan to continue to grow both sites. I created a social media content calendar so any member of GFPPP can post with ease. This will also increase consistency across both platforms.

I filled out both April and May with content, links to photos and suggested time to post.

For full content calendar, click here.

I believe if they follow my plan and continue to track their analytics, they will increase brand awareness in the community, increase followers and broaden their reach.

Senior Project Summary