Kate Moots – A Business in the Making

Kate Moots | Strategical Organizational Communication


Most people’s dreams are to own their own business in the future. This is a dream that I have for myself. I want to run and own a photography business. Like most college students, we all hit that first step of not knowing where and how to begin.

My project focuses on creating business plans and incorporating their purpose in order to grow a successful business. I started with a lot of research on the best tips to help a beginner. After accumulating 10 sources, filled with tips and examples. I decided to turn the information that I had gained into a resource guide that can help other beginner business owners. I have learned so much from my research that I ended up making two pamphlets that compliment each other.

This was a great project for me because not only did I educate myself, I was able to educate others who are in the same boat as me. During the senior showcase, many of the people who stopped by my booth were excited and thankful for the work I put towards my project. Because of this project, I am able to use that knowledge and take that next step towards my career goals.