Lana Stevens – Twin Peaks Film Showcase

Strategic Organizational Communication

Project Summary

This project is an event consisting of a student film festival paired with a film workshop featuring Porter Pro Media and BYUI Alumni. The purpose of this event is to provide an occasion in which Communication students and the Rexburg community can come together to be educated by the success of their graduates as well as be entertained by the progress of their peers. This project best demonstrates the skills I’ve gained throughout my major as a Strategic Organizational Communication emphasis as I will be the manager and host of the event.

I managed a team of 7 people to help make the event possible. We met once a week for a duration of one hour to discuss the event progress, outline all details, find solutions for oncoming hiccups, and assign weekly assignments to further the success of the project. Through my team members we have managed to find three musicians, two photographer/videographers, one graphic designer, and two Scroll writers. We established Porter Pro Media and other BYUI alumni as our guest speakers, current BYUI student submissions for the film festival, sponsors to support, and locking down the venue. To advertise for the event, we distributed posters and flyers across campus, many complexes surrounding, several businesses, and social media.

The event will be held at the Romance Theater on March 26th. It will consist of purchasing tickets through a website which we set up, creating a program, providing food from BYUI, concessions, live music, alumni demonstrations with Q&A, a moment to network with them, watching student films, audience judging through a QR code website link, professor judging, awards, intermission, and a sponsor raffle. We will rehearse the same day as the event to ensure flow of structure. This will make whole day of the event a total of 7 hours. An additional thank you of all those who contributed to the event will be made afterwards by distributing photos and creating a video compilation which was gathered during the event for historical purposes.

Video Presentation

Special Documents

  • Twin Peaks Film Showcase Poster

Purchase your ticket here at:

Featuring guest Porter Pro Media, Sapien Designs, other BYU-I Alumni for a workshop + networking from 6:00 – 7:00 pm (doors open at 5:30 pm).
A Rexburg student film festival will take place from 7:30 – 9:30 pm.