McKenzie Oilar – Myths & Fairytales Reimagined

Digital and Social Media

Project Summary

I created a brand a while ago called Myths & Fairytales Reimagined, where I would post book recommendations, reviews, and funny book content on Instagram and Tiktok. For my senior project, I wanted to create a website and book blog for my brand to make it more well-rounded and a better portfolio piece. I also thought it would be great to be able to make more long-form content, since my experience is mainly in shorter content optimized for different social media platforms.

To complete this project, I first had to create the website structure. I used Divi Builder on WordPress to do this. I installed several different plugins to help customize my website. One of these was Yoast SEO to help my site perform better and compete with other book blogs online, although I did not go extremely in depth with this aspect.

I created several different pages to organize my content. There is a blog page, which shows all blog posts, a blog index where posts can be easily looked through in alphabetical order, a review page which holds all the reviews, a book list page which shows all book compilation lists, and an about me page so readers can get to know me. I also designed a template for when you click on individual blog posts.

I included a footer for all main pages which shows my Instagram feed and social media links, as well as email subscribe buttons throughout the site. I also made a sidebar that allows viewers to search or filter certain book genres and see what I’ve been reading on Goodreads. I ended up creating about 10 blog posts, which consisted of long book reviews as well as book compilations, and have several more in the drafts that I am planning on finishing and posting.

Video Presentation