Anna Willden – Marketing My Mindset Coaching Business

Anna Willden
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Project Summary

I will get deeper into many of the different types of digital marketing/ content creation for my Mindset Coaching business. This will help me build my skills and resume when applying for future jobs as well as help me grow my coaching business. The three parts of my marketing strategy will include making 4 YouTube videos, 3 blog posts, and an email campaign with 3 emails.

YouTube – I will use my YouTube videos to teach people about their mindset and encourage them to meet with me. I will spend a lot of time scripting, editing, and marketing them. I will script out my videos in a way where I can easily turn them into shorter videos and podcasts to market my business on other platforms. For each new YouTube video/ podcast episode that I make, I will make a post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linked In to promote it.

Blog – I will redesign my website home page and create 3 other blog pages with
information about what I do in my life coaching sessions and what specific tools I use to help people. I will post my website blog posts on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook to drive traffic to my blog. After the website is nicely set up, I will grow my email list by driving traffic to my blog and offering a free product or service for signing up for my free service.

Email Campaign – I will use a campaign monitor to design emails and have a campaign set up so it automatically sends out emails to people who subscribe to my email list. The purpose of this email campaign is to be another touch-point for my followers so they know me more and feel more compelled to meet with me! This will include 4 really well-polished emails and an email campaign set up. This would allow me to show future employers that I know how to run a marketing campaign. I will do a test drive on my marketing campaign to make sure it runs smooth and the links work. I will also potentially start building a legit email campaign with the marketing I will do for a part of this project.

Time Spent

Research and Content Scripting: 6 hrs

Getting video equipment and materials: 3 hrs

Video setting up and recording: 22 hrs

Video uploading and downloading and editing attempts: 4 hrs

Podcast making and recording: 2 hrs

Website Designing: 7 hrs

Email Campaign: 5 hrs

Blog Making: 5 hrs

Post designing and sharing: 2 hrs

Senior Showcase design and set up: 4 hrs

Total time: 64 hours