Valeria Diaz- Invisibly Present- Short Film

Valéria Díaz- Communications in Video Production

Valéria Díaz – Communication in Video Production – Winter 2022 Showcase

Project Summary

“Invisibly Present” is a short film that I directed, produced, wrote, edited, and acted. This is a story of a 17 year- old High School girl named Naomi who is a victim of bullying and shows the tragic events of bullying and the impact on a person. My passion in life is to be a film director, and film content like this one spreads awareness of several topics like bullying. I wanted to display in this short that I can tell a story and direct actors on a production set and that I can also be an aspiring actor one day.

Without exaggerating, I have spent well over 100+ hours to make this short film and had a crew of about nine people. A lot of hard work was put into this film, from the cast to the crew. This was a great experience that I will always cherish, learn, and grow from. From pre-production to post-production, I learned to problem solve and find solutions, all about being a filmmaker.

I hope that my audience will watch this short film and feel inspired and learn from my short film.


Invisibly Present- Short Film

Short Film- Hours

Pre- production

  • Storyboard= 11 hours
  • Script= 19.3 hours
  • Shot list/Cast and Crew call= 9.2 hours
  • Auditions= 2 hours


  • Filming= 17 hours


  • BYU-Idaho
  • My apartment

Post- production

  • Editing, SFX, color correcting, music (3 weeks)= 89 hours

HOURS= 147.5