Braden Moser – Multimedia Online Training Course


For my senior project I filmed and edited a series of videos for VIVID Teeth Whitening which is an online training course designed to teach women how to start and run their own teeth whitening business from scratch. The videos will cover the steps from the business creation, all the way to collecting payment from the client after completing the first service. The two videos completed for this project cover safety and the whitening process.

In addition to the training video content, I created a motion graphic animation of the logo. I also assisted with the website development through both hands-on design as well as providing consulting services to the owner who has some experience in web development but wants assistance with branding and design.

The website includes a home page designed to give visitors the necessary information to make a purchasing decision through a main promotional video and copy. It is also able to accept payments and host members only content which can be seen after purchasing a membership to the website. Another functionality that will come later is the ability for visitors to purchase physical products and have them shipped to their house. Because of this the last piece of my project consisted of product photography and staging.

This project has taken just over 60 hours to complete and all work was performed in exchange for a small amount of equity. My work on this project will continue even after the senior showcase.

A short presentation of the work performed during my senior project.

Motion Graphics

Turn up the volume to hear the sound design

Training Video 1

Training Video 2


The website is currently displaying a “coming soon page” because the owner is not ready to publicly launch yet, but here is a screenshot.

Product Photos