Nikki Horton_ Arbor Campaign

Hey, I’m Nikki


Project Summary

Arbor is known for their unique and sustainable snowboards and skateboards, made with real wood top sheets and cores. Across all they do, Arbor commits to sustaining the environment. A portion of every sale is donated to their conservation efforts to protect and restore the Koa forests of Hawaii. They are the only brand in action sports restoring forests.

Each year, a new line of snowboards is released with a specified theme, unique to Arbor’s style. However, the snowboarding community is becoming less aware of the Arbor’s environmental conservation efforts as skateboarding grows. Unless you know about the brand, this in not always clearly communicated.

I wish to create the 2024 Snowboard Collection that will allow Arbor to increase awareness among their younger target audience of their sustainable snowboards, and true mission: environmental conservation of the planet. Essentially, if Arbor was to create boards to promote saving the planet, I want to create what those boards would look like.

Execution: 2024 Snowboard Line

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