Ben Burgess – First Time Out: My Love Letter To Chile

Ben Burgess

Video Production

I served my mission in Southern Chile, and ever since I’ve been back, I’ve wanted to do something to compile all of the amazing memories I had there, and this project turned out to be the perfect way to do that. So many things have come from my mission, even more than the normal return missionary could boast. My mission helped me discover a passion for photography, which led to a passion in videography, and now I am about to graduate as a Video Production major from BYU-Idaho. For my project, I created a documentary, mixing footage from those two years in Chile and my story in present-day, to tell the story of how those two years changed me into who I am now, and how the international experience can change someone. Like most documentaries, I tried to have a “call to change,” and mine was to invite people to experience another culture, or a part of another culture, but to experience it from someone who has grown up with that. Sharing parts of our culture is what makes us a human race, and not just a bunch of separate people from far away. This project was a lot of work, but I can honestly say I enjoyed every second of it and being able to look back on my two years in Chile almost four years since I left was a great experience.

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