Annika Lampropoulos/Public Relations-“Successful Internship Guidebook”

For my senior project I created a written guide that is intended to benefit students who have not yet completed their internship. The guidebook contains advice from professionals, faculty mentors and students who have successfully completed internships. Specifically, the expected guidebook outcome is that readers will be better prepared to be successful interns and feel more prepared to identify beneficial internships.

There were quite a few different steps in the process of creating this guidebook. First, I had to come up with an outline of all the information I want included in the guidebook. This outline was discussed and approved by my mentor. Then, I contacted a number of professional sources who were willing to be interviewed. I created a series of interview questions and conducted the interviews.

A significant effort was put into the actual design of the guidebook itself. I didn’t want it to just be a plain word document. I have been actively designing a professional and visually appealing booklet for this purpose.

The final step in the creation of this guidebook was the actual writing of each chapter using the information that I gained from my interviews and personal internship experience. Once I had that completed, a peer editor reviewed the material. The guidebook was made accessible through a QR code that was displayed at the showcase and distributed to Sister Susan Walton.

Please feel free to scan the QR code below to take a look at the available pdf for my “Successful Internship Guidebook”!