Tessa Bagley: Taking Off With the Legacy Flight Museum

Tessa Bagley, Winter 2022 Senior Showcase

Project Summary

For my senior project, I worked with the city of Rexburg to increase awareness for the Legacy Flight Museum and increase engagement on their social media channels. Many people in the community know about the flight museum, but a lot of students or “part time residents” as the city calls them, do not. They believe the target audience for this project are college students and the secondary audience is families within the community.

Their main channels are Facebook and Instagram. The Facebook page was decently established, with around 1700 followers. They had yet to create an Instagram, so I pitched the creation of one. My main reasoning for this was to help them connect with the younger demographic. A lot of the content I created worked for both Facebook and Instagram, so most of it was posted simultaneously to both channels. I went several times to take pictures and I created four videos in total for them. I was able to help them gain 118 followers within a month of creating the Instagram, and heavily increased their page reach on Facebook.

These analytics are from a 28 day period.

In addition to managing and creating content, I did a few other things on the side. They asked me to do some publicity for their newest plane, the Caribou. I filmed an informational video with the owner of the museum and wrote an article for the Scroll on campus to spread the word about the plane.

The city also asked me to create a photo waiver for people who come to the museum that are under 18, so I created one. I also created a Linktree for them, which provides them with a link they can place in the bio’s of the social media accounts. It has several shortcuts that will take visitors to the social media, the museum website and a survey I created. The purpose of the survey is to find the relationship between social media efforts and attendance at the museum. It asks guests, “How did you hear about us?”

Given that I am a PR emphasis, I created a comprehensive public relations plan for them as well. It includes my recommendations for the museum going forward. Finally, I created an additional three months worth of posts for “Flight Fact Friday,” a weekly post I started. This was given to the social media manager at the city.

Flight Fact Friday

This project has been incredibly rewarding. Though I had been to the museum before the project, I knew very little about the planes and the history. Learning more about that made the project so much more fun. It was intimidating to manage the social media with no prior experience, but I truly feel prepared for graduation after sharpening my skills in this area. I spent a total of 50 hours on this project and loved every minute!

Flying in the DGA with John Bagley

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Showcase Presentation

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