Rachael Berhan–Leisure Time Social Media Campaign

Visual Communication

Project Summary

I did a social media campaign for Leisure Time in Idaho Falls (which sells grills, hot tubs, and Saunas). I created visuals for 1 email, 2 sticker sets, 3 blog posts (writing and visual content) and 5 social media posts. The campaign took a total of about 70-80 hours.

All of the content that I created was used within the bounds of the Leisure Time Marketing Strategy this year which is to:

Find new customers by consistently posting on social media, using relevant hashtags, and using specific social media techniques to find new people to follow our account.

Build trust by staying consistent on social media accounts, replying to comments and interacting with followers online.

Increase retention by creating content for email marketing through deals and coupons.

Behind The Scenes/Prep


Social Media Content:

4 Facts About the Freshwater Salt System Instagram Pos

Blackberry Grilled Cheese Instagram Post

Pie Grilling Guide Post

Meat Grilling Guide Instagram Post

Burger Rub Instagram Post

Blog Content:

Lemon Blueberry Pie Blog Post

Blackberry Grilled Cheese Blog Post

Pest Grilled Cheese Blog Post

Email Content:


Kids Pool Sticker Set
Adult Grill Sticker Set

Visual Presentation Assets

Social Media Campaign Summary Video