The Book the Flight Podcast: by Amanda Dixon

Last year I traveled around the UK and Paris for roughly six months and loved it. I’ve always wanted to start a podcast since I was a sophomore in college, but I never knew what I wanted to use my voice for. When I went to London my eyes were opened to different cultures, and my experience helped me realize that life is too short to be afraid to explore the worlds wonder and beauty.

The Book the Flight Podcast is the result of my three-year-old goal coming to life. After London I decided to launch my own travel podcast and have it be my senior project. I didn’t want to create a project and forget about it after I graduated. Instead, I made something I could continue creating content for after graduation.

To launch the podcast, I decided on my topic and the categories I’d be under in all podcast platforms. A majority of the project took months of thought in order to come up with what topics I’d be covering on the show and how The Book the Flight Podcast would differ from other travel podcasts.

Once the ideation process was semi complete, now came the action portion: scripting, recording, designing a website to host the show, securing interviews, connecting the podcast to an RSS feed and formulating a brand strategy to follow after the semester ends. This project brought me so much excitement and I’m looking forward to where it takes me in the future!

The following video provides further information on what the podcast is about and how you can listen in every week!

Amandas’ Senior Project Video