Sydney Jolley – Dot’s Socks

Visual Communication

For my senior project, I created sock designs for a fictional company called Dot’s Socks.

I named the company Dot’s Socks after my late grandmother, Dorathy Jolley, who was fondly called Dot by her mother and other member’s of her family. Despite having never met her, I wanted to do something in her honor as she is a woman I am inspired by.

I created four sets of three socks with cohesive themes between the packs. I developed themes for each and it became fun to think of how to make each match each other. I also made it a point to add at least one dot on each design as just another homage to my grandmother.

Each of my eight designs is inspired by the mid-century modern art style. I love this style and it became a fun challenge to add my own touches to the socks.

Overall, this project helped me understand what goes into specific art styles as well as what drives my passion in visual communication. Having something that will eventually be a tangible object is a huge drive and motivation to make each of my designs something to be proud of. I am grateful for the experience.

Dorathy “Dot” Jolley