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Project Summary

Project Purpose

This project stemmed from a website I had made years ago that has been sitting and collecting dust. I decided to remove the cobwebs and turn it into a blog that I can use for years to come. I want to share the things I have learned and this provided a great opportunity to do that while learning and experimenting through my Visual Communications major. I chose to post blogs based on personal experiences that can be helpful to those who enjoy adventure and life improvement. This created opportunities to push me to be a better example by putting myself in situations I could write about on the blog. It definitely took me out of my comfort zone both on my blog and the social media page I created for this project as well.

The Project

I posted both on my Joyfie blog and Instagram which can be viewed I the links below:

Joyfie blog:

Joyfie Instagram:


I had a hard time creating consistent content that I felt would be beneficial to my audience which made me hesitant and not as consistent as I could have been. As an overthinker, it is hard to post things that you aren’t 100% proud of. Sometimes it is important to post at least something so you are still putting yourself out there instead of holding back. I had to overcome my fear of what people would think and put my practice into existence knowing I am imperfect and here to learn and grow. If you don’t take the steps, you won’t get anywhere, then soon enough you will be running!


I started by redoing my website. I had a lot of filler information to replace to make the website more personal. Once I got it down to the bare bones, I was able to start brainstorming post ideas. I was drawn to travel, adventure, and outdoor ideas. I also thought of many self-improvement topics and decided that the last two weeks of the project would be surrounded by doing a challenge where I accomplish 14 goals over 14 days. This helped me to be a little more consistent, especially on the Joyfie Instagram, posting story updates and exploring reels.


I had a cool experience with a reel I created that blew up after posting. I made sure to use a trending sound and posted a peaceful video with it. It now has over 6,000 views and climbing! I was happy to see the results from putting myself out there. I also increased in followers and interactions. Though it has been slow, I know this is a path to more growth in the future.


I learned that consistency takes great effort. I was able to exercise creativity, content creation, organization, time management, and design preference. I practiced overcoming fears and doubts about my work and trusted I had the best intentions and that I was trying my best to provide good content. I also recognize that this journey is not over but it is only the beginning! I love this project because it gives me so much potential for the future. I am excited to continue working on and writing about things that I love.