A Wedding First Look-By Cami Bennett

Project Purpose

I made a video to help capture the special moment when Cameron Rice saw his bride for the first time in her dress. As a future wedding videographer, this is something I will have to do often, so this was a great step towards getting my portfolio built up for my career. This video captures the love this couple has for one another and gives them something to hold onto for forever.

The Project

The Rice’s First Look is a professional wedding first look video for the couple to cherish and remember their special and unforgettable moment. Below are some of clips/photos of the first look and some behind the scenes shots of me capturing the footage!

A sneak peak into the first look
Behind the Scenes of the First Look

The Challenges

As you can imagine, there were a lot of challenges that came along with this project. The challenges started before even capturing the footage. The photographer had scheduled the time for us to meet, but did not realize daylight savings had changed and it was getting dark when we got there. We were really worried about the footage, but luckily were able to end up working with the sunset and captured some beautiful shots of the couple with pink skies in the background. I also had challenges with editing because some footage was really dark, and that makes editing extremely difficult. I also had to make sure the video met the couple’s expectations while doing my best to put the video together the way I thought it needed to be.

The Project Processes

The process started with meeting with the couple and choosing what we wanted to capture in the video as well as the music and location of the bridal shoot. We then drove to Utah where the we did all of the shooting. The biggest part of the project is the part many people don’t see or understand… the editing. Editing takes up 70% of the time and is one of the most important parts to make the video all come together.

Behind the Scenes of editing

Overview of my Experiences

All in all, I had some huge learning experiences that really have benefitted me as a videographer. I learned a lot about the editing process and how I can make things more time efficient the next time. I learned a lot about working with the couple throughout the process of wedding videography and the importance of that. I learned a lot about the business side of videography as well and how that impacts the end goal of the video.


In the end, I am so thankful for all I was able to learn. I have come a long way because of this project. I saw a lot of growth in my cinematography as well as my editing process. I realized the importance of having a contract and working very professionally no matter how well you know the couple or whomever it is you are working with. I also have realized that I will need to always incorporate the gospel into every part of my life, including my career. I know that is so important, and that was such a good takeaway for me. I love all the insights I have gained from this project and I am grateful for the hard work I have been able to put towards it.