BUZZ Stickers

The Journey

I recently embarked on one of the most rewarding pursuits I have done in my life. I started my own business. The purpose of this personal project and business was to learn how to market, promote my business, and gaining understanding in how I can make myself more of a marketable person. I set out to learn how to create and sell a product, increase my creativity, do something I have never done before, drive people to my business or one I may work for in the future, and do so through different means. I wanted to improve my graphic design and adobe illustrator skills. I made vinyl stickers for water bottles, laptops, cars, etc., through which I improved two major skills that helped me become more marketable than I was a few months ago. Those skills were marketing and graphic design/visual media skills.

The Objective

My objective, as stated earlier, was to make myself a more marketable person and further my skills that are associated with communication in the real world. I did so through making my vinyl stickers. There was a great deal that went into this. Stickers and the skills associated with Adobe Illustrator were a bit underestimated. There are a lot of skills to be learned there.

The Process

Then it came to finding a printer that was high quality, easy to work with, and fast. After one company did very poorly for me, I went with a private party which did phenomenal for me. Though their prices were almost twice as much, the ease of working with them and their quality far surpassed the first company. Distribution by hand and by mail was next. It is a lot to manage orders from text, word of mouth, and Instagram, and ensuring you have the right order and quantity for each person.

The Challenge

This whole process was a great learning curve, and much more to come as well. My journey of my own personal small business and furthering of skills is far from over, which, is rather exciting. This entire thing has been very challenging, but this helped me recognize the importance of organization and how working with a team, rather than all on my own managing marketing, manufacturing, and distribution, would be the route for me to go in the future. It was a lot of fun getting my first few orders and seeing my product get out there. Having people put the stickers on their belongings then sending me pictures of it, was very fulfilling and fun to see. I think my stickers are fun, funny, and with custom prints, can carry meaningful messages! Seeing those things made me want to continue and work harder at this thing.