The All-Sub Podcast

By Cesar Aragon

The main purpose of this project was to get myself of my comfort zone and work on my communication skills and research skills. One thing that I was passionate about was the game of basketball. I decided to stick to that sport and do a podcast around it named The All-Sub Podcast. I did research on the topics we would discuss and debate about in the week before our podcast to get sufficient information and background information regarding the topics and the stats on how well the players played in the ball game. The project of making a podcast seemed easy at first. Later in this project, we got a full dose of how complicated starting a podcast can truly be.

From seeking information, to having great communication skills to debate other people, or to even editing your recordings to have great quality in them. We would meet up twice a week as a group to make a full episode. One Tuesdays, we would write out our plan of how the podcast would run and the topics we would talk about all laid out on paper and then do research on them. On Fridays, we would record an episode with the information we had and would edit the recording. It was very challenging to align all three of our schedules so that all of us would have enough time to make this podcast. Everyone was busy so we had early growing pains trying to link up and record. Overall, I would say that the project was a success. However, I did not complete my objective of five recordings and came up with only 4 instead.

I overlooked how difficult it would be to edit recordings and finding the right software for it. It took me by surprise, and I ended up so much time on editing then I originally wanted to. Some takeaways I gained from this project was that chemistry was a big thing when working and talking in groups. When to speak so you don’t cut off people is crucial on podcasts, so you don’t interrupt them mid-sentence all the time. Another takeaway I gained from this project is that you can get good and something you never done before with enough practice and time. This project was great and helped me in so many communication skills.

My Online Report