Small Businesses of Rexburg Blog

We are always told to support small and local businesses, but where can we even find these businesses?

We often see these supersized stores and commercialized fast-food options begging for our business. Bright colors and low prices seem to always have people coming back for more. But what about the entrepreneurs? The people who wanted to make their own mark on their community?

Rexburg holds this “entrepreneurial spirit” very closely. So many students come from around the world with hopes of creating a name for themselves. With a new group of people circulating through Rexburg every 3-4 months, there is always a new opportunity to explore the town and find it’s hidden gems. That is something I wanted to focus on with my blog.

Making a “one-stop shop” where students and residents of Rexburg can go and find any category of small business was my goal. Providing a space where the company can be featured, along with what they do and provide to the community, was a very important goal. Giving them a stronger online presence can help businesses through difficult times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

The featured post on the blog.

I was one of the many who often said, “wow, there’s nothing to do here in Rexburg!” Oh, how wrong was I after I started walking the streets and scouring Facebook in search of the next small business to be featured. I would get so excited, finding a new store that I could write about. Speaking briefly with the owners, talking with the customers, it really sparked my interest in wanting to help people maneuver their time in Rexburg in the best way. People want to shop locally and small, many just don’t know how to do it.

Several of the “latest posts.”

This blog was a wonderful challenge to make, as finding stores became increasingly difficult as time passed. Taking captivating pictures, finding interesting ways to maintain the attention of the audience, these were all small challenges in the whole grand scheme of things. However, I learned a lot about myself and my work along the way.

I can say that I began to enjoy writing the blog more and more each week. New challenges always presented themselves, but it only made me stronger in the face of adversity. I improved my writing skills as time went on, I was able to present myself more confidently to the workers of the small businesses. While not seeming like it as they happened to me, I have grown a totally new view of small businesses and the hard work that they require in order to stay afloat. I can only hope that my blog can continue helping them keep their doors open.