Lois Boydell – PR/Marketing Plan

Communication Public Relations
Project Summary

I took a startup design business and produced a PR/Marketing campaign to help propel their content, media outreach, and advertising efforts. The business I chose was KJG Interiors which is a small UK based company run by a single interior design expert. The business started with a large Instagram following and has since progressed to be a design consultation business.

The official website has only been up and running for around a year, however the business started with a very successful Instagram following over 2 years ago. A third party created the website, so I hope to both improve the overall website for SEO and optimize the existing content. After some research into the company itself and its competitors I believed the website would benefit from a designated blog page with design focused articles. A large portion of my project focused on putting the blog in motion with keyword research, content briefs which can be approved by the client, and the writing of the blog posts. I took on the role of content marketer and PR specialist by also pushing a paid advertising route. I created the buildout for a Google ads campaign and a press release to spread the word about the new and upcoming business woman in the area. The press release will also add backlinks which is an essential aspect of the SEO strategy. The overall project included the following items:

• 1 social media and website audit
• 1 Google ads buildout
• Keyword research for blog posts
• Optimize existing content for SEO – 5 pages
• 7 Content briefs
• 3 Blog post new content of 1,000-1,500 words
• Logo redesign
• 1 Press release
• 1 Sitemap

My Process
  1. Overall Booklet structure – Situational analysis, budgets, research etc.
  2. Meeting with client to present my findings.
  3. Overall strategy and discussion of what is needed.
  4. Sitemap.
  5. SEO strategy and keyword research for Google ads.
  6. Google ad buildout.
  7. Website and social media audit.
  8. SEO strategy and keyword research for the website.
  9. Website optimizations.
  10. SEO strategy and keyword research for blogs.
  11. Client chose top 10 keywords.
  12. Content briefs drafted with chosen keywords.
  13. Meeting with client to narrow down content briefs.
  14. Blog write up.
  15. Client approval of blogs.
  16. Blog website with approved blog posts created and published.
  17. Press release with client approval.
  18. Logo redesigns.
My Experience

This project was not an easy process and required me to adapt my ideas to meet the needs of the client. I found it difficult to balance what I felt was best with what my client wanted from me. I started with a clear plan which was edited along the way. I discovered the importance of research in my project and although I was determined to have a sufficient amount of deliverables, research took priority. Through research I was able to backup my suggestions to my client and it allowed me more trust and freedom with the overall PR/Marketing plan.

I was not able to implement all of the work I produced so in terms of measurement and evaluation, a lot of my work will be determined by my ability to deliver what the client asked for. I am hoping as time goes on I will be able to track my success.

Everything I produced was done intentionally and with a great deal of thought behind it. I hope that by spending extra time on strategy and research, my work will better serve the clients needs and has improved my own skill set moving forward. It was the strategy that I felt I lacked before going into this project, and I am now more confident in my abilities to identify what a client needs as well as produce it. I know this is an essential skill in the work place that can’t always be gained in a classroom.