Ingram Smart – The Park at Swan Valley

For my senior project I worked with a YouTube family named @thejurgys who recently purchased a 28-acre RV Park in Swan Valley Idaho. For my project I created 5 posts a week to be shared on their new Instagram page, @theparkatswanvalley. In addition to the posts, I created 30 additional posts in a content bank to be used in the future. Creating content to market the park was something important to Bryce and Nellie which is why part of my project was highlighting the area around the park.

Creating a website, I wrote, research, and created images to go with 5 different blog posts. These posts are to help future guests plan their stay at the park and engage with people who want to better explore Swan Valley. Every Tuesday or Thursday, I would go out to the park and have an 8-hour production day. Using a 6-week planned content calendar, we would plan every aspect of our content calendar including links to reel sounds, image descriptions, locations, and items needed to ensure success. Within my project I also created a marketing plan for the park including a welcome document for guests, a hashtag to use when posting and including the guests in our content.