Sam Castro Flores- Home Hiit: A guide for home workouts.

Public Relations

Project Summary

The project has mainly 3 sections: Research, Marketing and Tracking.

Part I: Research.

I met with nutritionist Danna Justiniano, to complete research about exercises, routines, order and types of stretch. I wrote 5 blog posts of over 2500 words each, with rights-free images, self-made infographics and videos I made.

Part 2: Marketing

My marketing was done mostly through Facebook, since this is the social media platform where I knew I could target my audience. Throughout the project, I realized that my audience was expanded to two groups: women between 19-29 and women between 45-60, both of these groups have in common that they don’t have time to attend a regular gym or the budget. 

I did posts every week sharing the blogs from WordPress and gained over 100 followers. 

Part 3: Tracking

Through a social media management class, I was able to track the engagement of each posting. Learning how to schedule posts for the right time and in the right order. I finished the project with an E-book with over 100 leads (downloads) 

Video Presentation


Below you will find the links for Home Hiit’s Facebook website, all the blog posts and a slideshow with details about the tracking and engagement of social media. The link to the E-book I created is also included.


Blog 1, Blog 2, Blog 3, Blog 4 and Blog 5


Slideshow for Marketing Campaign