Mitchell Clauser – Women’s Advisory Council: A Caring Community Outreach Plan

Public Relations

For my Senior Project, I chose to focus on publicity and outreach for the Women’s Advisory Council here on Brigham Young University – Idaho campus. With the main focus of my project being organization outreach, I chose to center my plans around social media and word-of-mouth.

The main aspects of this project include the creation of a comprehensive publicity plan, a four-month weekly social media posting schedule and several other promotional materials regarding the organization. The plan consists of an analysis of the organization, research based on audience patterns and ways to meet their goals, a timeline of when strategies/tactics should be completed and directions on the evaluation of the plan once implemented. The posting schedule consisted of the creation and preparation of social media posts, regarding the Women’s Advisory Council, from the beginning of May through the end of August 2022. This preparation included the creation of images and videos as well as captions and hashtags to correspond. The promotional material was created as a way of helping the organization to advertise their services and events across the BYU – Idaho campus. These materials included an event poster template and handouts to pass out during special events.

My purpose behind this project was to help the Women’s Advisory Council to achieve their goal of reaching a larger audience and allow women across campus to feel both heard and cared for. By preparing this material for the organization, I hope to be able to help them with these goals now and allow them to continue to expand their reach in the future, once I have graduated and moved on.

Video Presentation

Women’s Advisory Council: A Caring Community Outreach Plan

Publicity Plan