Brittany Gray: I-Mediate

Brittany Gray, Communications, Strategic Organizational Emphasis


My project, I-Mediate, is focused on court-appointed mediation in the 7th Judicial District for small claims. The project consists of a mediation training manual, training presentation, my experiences in mediating, and takeaways I’ve gained from professional mediators. In my project, I worked with the 7th Judicial District Mediation Coordinator, Jenn Neermann, in rewriting and formatting the mediation training manual. This manual is a 53-page document that includes information such as how to mediate, court-appointed mediation forms, legal processes, and guidelines. After the completion of the training manual, I worked with the coordinator to match the training presentation to the manual. In addition, I prepared for and assisted in co-mediating court-appointed mediations in the small claims court system. The rest of my time was spent being trained as a volunteer mediator and interviewing professional mediators. I am pursuing a career in human resources and this project has helped me gain conflict resolution skills that will transfer over into employee relations within the workplace.



Mediation Training Manual

Before and after form re-created in mediation training manual

PowerPoint Training Presentation

Advice From Professional Mediators

“The principles of mediation are available to anyone. They are respect, proper communication, and honoring the dignity of humankind. You actually don’t need a mediator if you just follow those basic principles”

Dr. Brent Bean, Volunteer Mediator

Dr. Brent Bean, Volunteer Mediato

“Mediation is profitable for people to practice in their families, schools, workplaces, and communities. The world would be stronger and kinder if people were taught mediation at a very young age.”

Jen Neermann, Idaho 7th Judicial Mediation Coordinator

“If people are willing to just sit down and consider the other person’s side it resolves a lot of issues. You don’t have to agree with the other person but at least if you can see from the other side and say I get where you are coming from, or I can see why you feel that way you are not losing anything by just acknowledging that they might feel differently than you. Once you get there you can figure something out in the middle that you both can live with.”

Michael McLennan, Fourth Judicial District Mediation Coordinator

“If you are looking for a way to serve the community, come and learn about mediation. A lot of people need this service, and you will learn conflict resolutions skills along the way

Michael Wheiler, Attorney and Mediation Volunteer