Reasons to Believe in BYU Idaho

Jessica Hopkins – Strategic Organizational Communication

BYU Idaho is often seen as a backup school rather than a first choice. This is a great school and people just don’t know what it has to offer. The admissions department at BYU Idaho wanted to put together a campaign to highlight why BYU Idaho is a first-choice school. I took the role of project manager throughout this project. This was a great experience because I have never had that experience before.

Throughout this project, I took a lot of time speaking with my client about what he is wanting exactly from this campaign. He explained each “Reason to Believe” and why we wanted to highlight it. After I got all of the information from him, I started scheduling meetings with the University Relations department on campus. We had multiple meetings where we communicated what was needed and how it would happen. He asked if I would put together content and the messages I wanted to get across to the audience. This took a lot of time as I searched for facts and data about different things in the university. With this, I had to continue meeting with University Relations to make sure everything was happening the way we needed it to for the project until we had a finished product.

Throughout this whole project, I completed the 50 hours. I spent about 20 hours meeting with my client about the expectations and what he wanted from me. I spent another 15 hours creating content and finding everything that I wanted to make sure University Relations knew what I wanted to portray. The remaining 15 hours were spent having meetings with University Relations about the project and approving and adjusting different things. This all helped create the final project that I am able to present.