Brenna Bennett – Snake River DMC 2022 Employer Survey

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Digital & Social Media

Project Summary

I had the opportunity to work with the Snake River DMC, a local nonprofit dedicated to building up South East Idaho’s digital marketers. They focus on sharing digital marketing insight through monthly speakers and networking events where students and marketing professionals alike learn from the best. In recent meetings, the DMC’s board members expressed an interest for more content to be shared outside of events concerning building up this area’s digital marketers. 

That’s where I stepped in. 

My senior project began as a re-creation of a viral employer survey conducted by Rand Fishkin of Sparktoro, tailored to the South East Idaho community. This survey asked about what current businesses and marketing agencies look for in a marketer and how to improve their career in digital marketing.  

This survey in Qualtrics generated copious amounts of data that I organized into a Google Data Studio report to live on their company’s website as a resource. The data gathered in this report was used to write an article explaining the study and to be used as another resource on their website. 

To promote this article and report, I created 20 social media posts centered around survey results and findings. I also reached out to 9 news sources to share the article, giving the Snake River DMC better SEO and more opportunities to make its mark on the South East Idaho area.

The Content List:

  • o 1 Qualtrics survey 
  • o 1 long-form blog post 
  • o 1 website page where the article will live 
  • o 20+ social media posts 
  • o Shared with 9 news sources with project information included

Curious to find out more about the report’s findings? Watch the video below or explore the links listed.

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