Josh Dayley – Infinite Ghost NFT

Visual Communication

Infinite Ghost NFT is an NFT design exploration project to see what it exactly takes to create a NFT collection. I wanted to see how well I could implement the things I’ve learned in my education through programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to Procreate and WordPress. I wanted to expand this project beyond just the design so I focused on social media, design and building a website. This project is meant to be a proof of concept and not so much as an actual collection that will be posted on the blockchain.

For this project I created 23 individual assets that I then used to generate nearly 1,500 individual and unique combinations of art. This was a lot of fun to explore and use it as a way to show off some of the things I personally love but I also wanted to include some other elements that could play well together like color and styles.

My website was chosen to be the housing for this project. I created a page specifically for this project and used it to display not only the individual assets but also what a few of the combination might look like. On top of this I wanted to have a page specifically made to display the randomizations that you might see when you reload a page each time. I was able to accomplish this by implementing some custom CSS to my WordPress site.

This project was a lot of fun and I fell in love with it faster than any other project I’ve worked on before. I loved being able to showcase my design skills not only in programs like illustrator but also through web design which has always been something I was hesitant to explore more of. My end goal was to create a scalable project that would help showcase these abilities and it quickly evolved past that as I made it further along the path.

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