Valentina Fres – Cuatro

Valentina Fres, video production emphasis with module in journalism

“Cuatro” consists of three songs I wrote during this semester to showcase my writing abilities. When I was 10 years old, I started my journey as a songwriter. My communication classes and my own talents, and efforts have helped me to become a better creator from learning how to create a brand, design in photoshop, produce videos, and write creative and original work. I created “Cuatro” from scratch using all of the learning I have received from Brigham Young University-Idaho. “Cuatro” consists of original story ideas, rhymes, voice melodies, background music, music production, and visuals.

My experience as an international student living far from my home country, Chile, has inspired me to write these three songs: “Golden Hours,” “Verte,” and “Homesick.” The word “Cuatro” has a spiritual meaning because it represents unity. These three songs talk about how much I have missed the people I love, and my old personality. Cuatro’s lyrics and melodies unify my persona with my loved ones despite the distance.

Over the semester, I brainstormed and wrote creative rhymes, composed the music, and recorded each individual song. I also produced a behind the scenes video to show the process of songwriting and designed a music cover for “Cuatro” with a deep study of the meanings of the visual. For this project I used Garage Band to record the demos, Logic Pro X for music production, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Photoshop.

I have learned that writing a song is not as simple as writing whatever is on your mind. It is a type of storytelling that requires passion, introspection, planning, inspiration, and discipline.

Video Presentation


Behind the Scene Video

Music Cover Art

The main color for the music cover art is purple and blue. I decided to use this color for branding because it represents creativity, power, sensitivity, and melancholy. Each song that I wrote brings out each of these values.

The music cover was edited with PicsArt and Photoshop

Total work hours: 57