Katie Card — Family Relief Resources

Family Relief Resources (FRR) is a family-owned medicaid agency in Oregon. Basically, the state will pay for support workers to help clients or families with children who have intellectual/developmental disabilities. FRR is a go-between, hiring support workers and matching them to clients in need. 

Most of my project was devoted to creating the following resources for the business:

New hire orientation guide: Previously, when a support worker was first hired, they got a few different emails with a lot of text and confusing directions. I consolidated everything they had to know and do into one guide that also followed the brand guidelines for FRR.

New client meeting guide: When a support worker is first matched with a client, neither side may know what the next step is. This guide is something the team should fill out together. It takes them through job duties, interview questions, helps them get to know each other, and more.

Continuing education courses guide: While working for FRR, the state released new requirements that every employee must have 24 hours of continuing education per year. This guide required the most research by far, as I researched different options employees could do and how to accomplish various certifications. I also worked behind the scenes in the database of employees to ensure FRR has a way to keep track of employees’ continuing education hours. 

And more: Whenever it was helpful, I created other resources for FRR. This included a template for employees to submit monthly progress reports, logo and banner to add to the company’s Indeed page, digital badges and certificates to give to employees when they completed certain trainings, and more.

Besides those guides, I also worked on marketing. Before I started, there were occasional posts on the FRR Facebook page (no more than once a month) and zero posts on the FRR Instagram besides the first post that was made over a year ago. I created a marketing plan that allowed me to plan upcoming posts to ensure they happened more regularly, and cross-posted everything to both Facebook and Instagram. I researched and created all social media posts myself on Canva.