Mason Chen — Make Up “Roza”

Major: Communication

Emphasize: Social Media And Digital

Project Summary

Make Up “Roza”

If you are a Brigham Young University – Idaho (BYU-Idaho) student, you may see some neckties with fashion designs at the university bookstore. Do you have any memory of it? This brand is “Roza Ties.” “Roza” is a female’s name, it is equal to “Rose.” It means love, courage, romance, and passion.

When I first time met with their products, I became a fan of this brand. In a special activity, I had a chance to meet the owner of “Roza Ties,” Joshua. Through the talk, I knew that even though they sold their products well in the university bookstore, they had trouble on social media. That’s the beginning of my story about my senior project, I appreciate Joshua accepting my ask and giving me this chance to show my skills and ability in the social media area.

Before I engaged with this brand because they never ran ads, each of their posts could only get around 100 reach, and around five engagements. That is absolutely not the result the owner wanted to see. The reasons are multiple, in my eyes, there were three most important factors:

  1. Unclearly/incorrect Target Audience
  2. Bad social media strategy
  3. Low-quality content, including description, photos, and video.

For figuring out the problems with their social media account, I made several plans for them in the last two months, especially Instagram because that is their main social media account to reach people.

The first thing that I did is confirming the target people again with the owner. Based on the last sale’s record, and the people who visited the websites, we decided to target the people who live in Utah and Rexburg, and their ages are from 18 to 45.

And then I made a survey about neckties and collect data from around 150 people at different buildings of BYU-Idaho, several apartment complexes, and on social media. The people include different jobs, different ages, and different races. Because of those data, I could easy to tell a lot of information about neckties, such as what pattern is their favorite, where they normally buy their ties, etc.

That is much easy to make a strategy for their social media. First of all their post must be continued, and stable. They needed to post high-quality content at least one time per week.

Before I post anything on the social media account, I needed to redesign their post style, to match their target audiences’ favor, and show the content. I made some research online including the popular keywords about neckties in different age groups, their favorite post style on social media, etc.

At the same time, I made a research about their competitors. I needed to know what their styles and special points, and where are Roza ties’ position and style in this market.

And then I combined all the information that I had and create some posts for them.

Another thing that I worked on for their strategy is “catching the trend.” Catch the trend and hot news, such as “Mona Lisa and the cake,” and Father’s Day.

Because the “Mona Lisa and the cake” is breaking news, I toke an OT to collect information immediately and got an idea about the post. I used Adobe tools to replace the cake with the “Roza Ties” product.

For Father’s day, I took some photos around Rexburg, and my friend who is a father, and his son also joined it as models. The photos match the topic of Father’s day, but also highlighted the necktie as the connection between son and father, to remind people don’t forget to buy a gift for their father, or partner. I also used a lot of data that I got from the survey. For example, people over 25 years old prefer plain colors or stripe patterns. But young people under 25 prefer floral patterns more than others. So when I picked the ties’ pattern for the post, I selected the popular pattern in that group and put them into my post.

At the same time, I put $15 – $25 for each post that I posted, and the target audiences are different. For Father’s day, the main target is the group of people from age 30 to 45, such as professor, their family members, etc. But for the “Mona Lisa”, the target audience are focused on the aged 18 to 25, and the characters were students, workers, etc.

Until June 20th, the website visitors increase by over 200% when compared with the last two months before I engaged in the business. And the transaction rate increased from 0% to 5%. This number normal is 2% of a normal company. 5% might not be stable for the future because the “Mona Lisa” event and Father’s day did bring a lot of visitors to us, but I believe that is a great beginning for this young brand, to create another new story in Rexburg and Utah.

However, I am so glad that I successfully made up Miss Roza, “Roza Ties,” in the last two months, and these experiences will be an unforgettable memory in my life. The skills and experience that I learned from this project will also help me to become a better social media marker.

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