Keisha McCue- Gold’s Gym 10 Year Anniversary

The Project

My project was planning the 10-year anniversary event for Gold’s Gym in Idaho Falls. I wanted to be able to find a way to promote Gold’s Gym, and also host the grand event. For my project I created a campaign book as a way to figure out what the gym needed for these promotions.

We decided to raffle off a lifetime membership for the event. In order to enter the raffle, you had to refer a friend or do extra amenities at the gym. An example of an amenity would be personal training or a fitness profile. My job included finding vendors for the event to come and join the celebration. I contacted businesses for raffle prizes and donations. I helped decorate the event and created a fun way to get people excited about the gym by giving incentives to join the gym.

I was able to work closely with sales and see how the event was helping to boost business. We made sure there was a fun way to get more people into the gym and help them learn more about the gym.

My Senior Project

Day of the Event