Samuel Amezcua – Lynden’s Lotus PR Plan

Samuel Amezcua

PR Emphasis

I worked with an organization called Lynden’s Lotus to build a website and come up with a PR plan to help them achieve their mission ‘Help Families Rise Above Pediatric Cancer”.

My cousin Lynden was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, at the age of seven. While she was going through chemotherapy and extended stays at the hospital she started making bracelets with the hopes to sell them and donate the money to pediatric cancer research. She ended up raising more than $80,000. Lynden’s Lotus was born.

Lynden and her family found their calling in helping families rise above pediatric cancer. Throughout the whole process of Lynden’s cancer, they realized that there is a lack of support for the family unit as a whole. This is the pain point that Lynden’s Lotus hopes to fill.

For my project, I created a website and a PR book that contains strategies and tactics to help raise awareness and increase donations. Once Lynden’s Lotus becomes an official non-profit organization they are going to have a foundation to build off of. The website includes pages such as about us, events, get involved, in the news, and a donate page. As the organization grows we would like to add more information about who Lynden’s Lotus is helping and how they are doing it.

This is the PR Book that I create for the Lynden’s Lotus Foundation.