Cole Jones – Social Media Manager of VOICE Advocacy Facebook Page

Project Purposes/Objectives

For this project, I wanted to dabble in the social media world and take the opportunity to learn about managing a social media page. I was given the opportunity to manage the Facebook page for the VOICE Advocacy program that started on campus. The Facebook page states, “VOICE Advocacy is a nonprofit organization that partners with other SE Idaho organizations to develop collaborative solutions to challenging community problems.” The purpose of this project was to keep followers of the social media page updated on VOICE events in the local community. When there weren’t events that were needed to post on the Facebook page I was able to still help out VOICE Advocacy by volunteering at the Harwood Elementary Summer program that the program helps with.


Here are some examples of work throughout the semester

Pictures from the Harwood Elementary Summer Program


Some challenges I found were trying to stay busy at points in the semester when events weren’t coming up in the semester. When these challenges presented themselves I went and volunteered at the Harwood Elementary school summer program to stay active in VOICE.


I thought this was an awesome project to get involved with this semester. I learned a lot about managing posts, when to post at certain times in the day, making the page pleasing to the eye, etc. I feel that this project has given me a basic grasp of how to manage a social media account if the opportunity were to ever present itself again in the future.


Going through this project really showed me the importance of stepping outside of one’s comfort zone. Being able to grow means doing things that haven’t been done before, it allows people to gain new experiences. That’s the main insight I’ve gained throughout my time during this project. I’m thankful for my experience this semester and it’s a lesson that can carry over into other avenues in my life.