Tom Talks Baseball – Sports Blog


As someone looking to become a sports journalist someday, I wanted this project to showcase my abilities and knowledge of the sports world. Baseball is my favorite sport, so I decided to base my blog on that. Along with the blog,, I also created an Instagram page to market my material.

I had already created the blog website previously. However, in the past, I had only written about two posts so the main goal was to create content every week that people could read. As I was completing this project during baseball season, I had ample topics to write about each week. I generally looked to social media or other news outlets to get ideas on what big things were happening in the sport. Then it was just up to me to research and write something that people would enjoy.

As for the Instagram page, I based my posts off of the stuff I wrote on the blog. Generally, each Instagram post included a brief description and then a link to my most recent piece on the website. The most difficult part of this was increasing my following base. It’s something that I will need to continue working on as I develop both the blog and Instagram page further.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this project. Writing about my favorite sport each week on a topic that I got to choose was very fun. It made it so it didn’t seem much like work, but rather a hobby that I was pursuing. I got quite a few website views and was pleased with the traffic that the site saw. I’m grateful for having completed this and will continue to work on it as I break into the journalism world.

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