Mad For Editing

Madeline Vance

News and Journalism

I started the brand, Mad for Editing, a year ago for my WordPress class. It was meant to be a blog about grammar rules and editing techniques. In addition, I made it possible for people to purchase sessions for me to edit their work, such as class assignments, work assignments, or even books. 

When I decided to create a YouTube channel of the same name, I had already gone through two senior project failures, both of which I had spent a significant amount of time on. My brother-in-law had started writing a book, but after I had started editing it for my project, he told me that he didn’t have any time in his schedule to continue writing it. Later, my cousin came to me with a children’s book she was writing. But as I was editing it with publication in mind, I was told that this project would not provide me with enough hours. Running out of time, I remembered an idea I had a few months prior of creating a YouTube channel about editing that I had been too scared to actually try. 

I went forward with this idea, and Mad for Editing, the YouTube channel, was born. For this channel I have created videos in which I edited papers and explained my thought process while doing so. I also have a video explaining different punctuation marks and both their well-known and lesser-known functions. All of my videos thus far have consumed much time, particularly in the video editing process. Provided I continue with this channel, I have many more ideas for videos to teach people about different ways they can improve their writing and editing techniques. 

Editing is a passion of mine, and it is what I want to do when I graduate. I have always found joy in fixing people’s written mistakes and finding tactful ways to explain why they needed to be changed. I truly feel that this experience has helped me grow as an editor. 

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