Pamela Espinosa- Sweet Hill Rebrand

Digital and Social Media

Project Summary

Sweet Hill, Inc. is a small frozen dairy business based in the Philippines. They make traditional Philippine frozen dairy desserts called Ice Candy and has a unique business model where it opens doors for other people to create their own frozen dairy dessert business, under Sweet Hill’s name. It’s paved a way to encourage the average Filipino worker to start their own business and flourish.

It is well known across the country, but the business does not have much of an online presence. The owner, who has put the business on pause, want to relaunch their business next year with a newly rebranded identity, equipped to become popular on the web.

This is where I come in. For this project, I will be mainly rebranding Sweet Hill’s image and creating a new life for them on social media. Considering the client’s goals to generate reach and increase awareness to their brand to support their relaunch, the following are my project outputs:

Logo Redesign

The client wanted a classic and timeless logo design. I opted for a a script typeface and a dusty rose color.

Style Guide

Brand Poster

Client requested a loud and bright poster that they will be distributing to elementary schools who they supply to.

Business Cards

Packaging Redesign


In addition to designing this website, I also created two-long form content namely:

How to Start Your Own Ice Candy Business

3 Things You Need Before You Launch Your Business

I also created an Instagram and Facebook platform for the client.

Competitive Analysis and Market Research Report

I analyzed the company’s top competitors and compared their standing to Sweet Hill’s standing in the landscape of Ice Candy and frozen dairy businesses in the Philippines.

Social Media Content Calendar

Project Outcomes

My goal was to create some sort of a “starter package” for businesses that are in their pre-launch phase to rebuild or build their brand from scratch. I chose 10 essential things a business needs for their brand for a successful launch. These 10 essential things are: logo design, brand style guide, business cards, brand poster, social media platform creation, website design, product packaging design, competitive analysis and market research report, and a content calendar.

My client is pleased and feel as though she has everything she needs. This is what I ultimately wanted for my client: confidence in their brand. Sweet Hill Frozen Dairy Co. will be open for business in January of 2023!

This project helped me highlight the skills I’ve acquired over the years as an aspiring social media specialist/ brand manager. With this project, I have successfully done brand management, social media strategy, digital media creation as well as digital marketing.