Joey Jones | Marketing Training for BYU-Idaho’s Human Resources

Strategic Organizational Emphasis

For my project, I worked with the Human Resources Office at Brigham Young University – Idaho. I created a new social media account for training and development. Once completed, I developed training for the two social media pages in the HR department, wellness, and training and development. I took multiple pieces of training, including training required to run social media accounts at BYU-Idaho to prepare the training to be a success.

Patrick Powell, supervisor over Training and Development, and the Wellness team in the HR department has wanted the new social media pages for a long time. When presented with the opportunity, I asked if he would like me to create a training for him to train non-marketers on how to market efficiently, and he loved the idea.

Ever since then, I have worked 50 hours to complete this project. 10 hours were working with university relations at BYU-Idaho to get the new social media pages approved and created. Another 4 hours were taking BYU-Idaho required training to post on social media pages, and other training to increase my marketing knowledge. 30 hours were on evaluating old content from the wellness social media page in the HR department to see what worked in the past to train the employees effectively. Afterward, I started creating the social media training manual. This required me to use the information based on the training I took, and the evaluation I did on their running social media page. Finally, this includes meeting with Patrick and others in the Human Resources office to get feedback. My final 6 hours were to preparing my presentation, including preparing my Manuel to be on display digitally and physically, practicing my verbal presentation, and receiving my last feedback and critique.

Overall, relying on others to complete my project was heavily involved, and working with university relations is not something you can accomplish in even a week. I learned to be prepared to have back-and-forth conversations to have things approved and ready. I am going to need this skill in the future.

What I learned was, even though a project may not be comfortable, I am capable of learning how to develop an idea that wants to be brought to life. I can build multiple skills while still doing what I love. Marketing is not my dream job, but training and developing people in marketing or anything is my dream job. I learned creative freedom. I was able to choose a project I was passionate about and create it to my level of satisfaction. These are but a few of the essential skills I learned during my project.

Overall, my passion for developing people has increased over this project. Having a 50-hour project completed in 10 weeks can seem overwhelming, but I learned to create goals, hold myself accountable, and learn from any experience.